There are many different types of Polyurethane (PU) surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. Whether it be a multipurpose sports hall or a running track or whether you need more flex in the floor, we will find a surface to suit your sporting needs.Polyurethane tracks are either paved, mixed and poured or a combination of the two. Polyurethane is used to bind the rubber particles together and asphalt/concrete based. Very high quality and one of the top performing

surfaces for athletes. Schools, colleges and recreation areas use this system when they need a tough, durable, high-performance surface. This system is available in a generous color range.

ARS Sport provide high-quality installation equipment, techniques, and very experienced installation staff which is extremely important to ensure a high-quality installation.

-This type of flooring is a heavy duty system and it is used for multiple playgrounds (Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Football ...) used for multiple play

- Water impermeable system.
- Jogging track system
- Outdoor multipurpose game system

- Bike Road optional solution
- Track&Field system

- Running track system
- Indoor running track solution
- Indoor Multifuctional Game surface

MW System

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