Umpire court surfaces are designed as systems, or a series of coatings that all have specific purposes. In a nutshell, umpire court surfaces are a type of
water-based paint with enhanced characteristics for tennis, basketball, and other athletic and recreational surfaces. They are formulated with silica sands, Cushion thin and thick to provide filling and strength under aggressive play. Umpire court surfacing systems also have to be durable under wet conditions and still maintain a tenacious bond to the pavement. Umpire Court is an Acrylic Tennis and/or outdoor multi-purpose surface suitable for Professional Tennis Courts from entry to tournament-level and for outdoor multi-purpose fields.

TDS The System consists of eigth layers
1. Resurface :500 grm /m2
2. Coarse Cushion: 3 layer cushion -500grm/ layer , total 1500 grm
3. Fine Cushion: 2 layer cushion –700 grm/layer , total: 1400 grm
4. Thirt layer Colour coat : 3 layer coated 1000grm/m2 (this surface mixing by sand , 30kg of sand in 100kg of Colour Coat)


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