The V-shape of the yarn provides firmness, resilience and the looks of natural grass and results in excellent ball-roll behaviour. Besides this grass- like performance the turf also improves the quality of play by enabling slide and tackle without having to fear for abrasion. V-shaped blade allows a perfect stand on look. The grass stands up straighter and springs back more quickly in heavy traffic area. V shape artificial grass has a high wear tolerance. It will look great for years to come

  • The 'backbone' strengthens the fiber
  • The shape itself keeps the fiber nicely upright for a longer period compared to normal flat artificial grass fibers.

Two colours for a more natural look; Lime/Dark Green Double woven backing, in polypropylene Coating with termoplastic recyclable material High resilient system fibers


TDS Yarn Dtex: 12000 dtex Spine Shape Monofil PE + Curled PPYarn
Flament: 6 flament
Thicknes: 320 micron, 1,5mm width
Infill: SBR, Ecoinfill, Naturalinfill

V-Shape X

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