Why Artificial Grass is important?

Why are so many people turning to artificial grass?

An Artificial lawn looks and feels just like well-maintained natural grass all year round even in the harshest of climates, there are lots of benefits of artificial grass, aside from the obvious aesthetics. Impressive warranties, quality manufacturing and environmental benefits have totally changed the perception of artificial grass; installing faith in it being a valuable, cost-effective alternative to natural turf.

The advantages, plain and simple. From saving money to saving time, especially on lawn maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle, performance and help with environmental issues. Here are some benefits:

- Aesthetics

Artificial Lawn Artificial Grass is specifically designed for residential lawns, urban and commercial landscape design, leisure activities and playgrounds. Ars grass delivers a revolutionary and wide range of products that is ideal for all your landscaping and professional performance needs, offering an unmatched combination of beauty, durability, and value!

- A wide choice of colors to suit your preference

With a huge range of artificial grass available, you can choose the exact color shade, density, yarn shape, pile height and thickness to meet your needs. Whether you prefer the wispy look or fresh cut; samples help make your choice a whole lot easier. Thanks to quality manufacturing, artificial grass is extremely difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Unaffected by weather conditions, extreme frost or scorching summers will no longer play havoc with your lawn. For pristine grass 365 days a year, go artificial! Artificial grass comes with fantastic UV protection. It won’t fade in sunlight and stays green all year round. Unlike natural turf, which is known to turn brown in excessive sunlight. A natural and green look all year round. Natural lawns require four to six hours of full sun each day. Without this turf can deteriorate, becoming less resilient and prone to disease. Caring for a shaded lawn takes time, effort and often costly treatments. Artificial grass can be laid almost anywhere as long as the surface is flat, permeable and sufficient drainage is available – meaning shade is no issue at all!

- Maintenance Friendly (Saving Water and Money)

Lawn Mower Artificial Grass hardly needs maintenance. Whereas in summertime natural turf needs maintenance almost every day, you can spend time on other activities instead of having to water or mow the lawn. Switching to synthetic grass allows consumers and businesses to save significantly on their water bills. Users often recover the installation costs within a few years by reducing the need for water and lawn maintenance costs. A typical lawn of 1800 square feet can require 56,000 gallons of water for maintenance each year. Synthetic grass enables homeowners to conserve that water. Tax credits and rebates are being offered to residential and corporate users by an increasing number of local governments in light of the tremendous impact on water conservation. Artificial grass eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides so it doesn’t requires mowing, fertilizing, reseeding or watering. Thus far the use of artificial grass has saved millions of litters of tap water.

- Environmental friendly

Moss is one of the biggest natural lawn nightmares. Keeping it under control to restore healthy green grass can be challenging. Artificial grass in the end pays for itself in maintenance savings alone, in addition to saving water, and provides an aesthetically comfortable pleasing surface year round. How to Maintain your Artificial Grass guide explains just how easy it is to care for your artificial grass in three simple steps; getting rid of dirt/debris, hosing it down and biannual use of your artificial grass cleaner. Whilst moss can also grow on artificial grass, our Artificial Grass Cleaner has a neutral pH balance and is 100% biodegradable therefore providing an environmentally friendly treatment for tough mould or moss problems. Stay safe with artificial grass!

- Save money on garden equipment

Maintaining a natural lawn can be expensive, especially when you consider the costs of a strimmer, lawnmower, rake, hand aerator, hand weeder, lawn spade, trimmer, lawn shears, lawn scissors, hose and sprinkler. Not to mention ongoing costs of blade replacements, electricity, re-seeding, fertilizing and water rates. Artificial grass may come with an initial pull out but this more than justifies its worth when you consider the long-term costs of maintaining natural turf. Less time spent gardening and more time spent chilling!

- Safe play area for children

Providing a cushioned landing for those little trips and falls, artificial grass is perfect for play areas, nurseries and schools. Where play bark can contain splinters and rubber can conduct heat, artificial grass is completely child-friendly.

- Pet-friendly

Artificial lawns are ideal for pets and can be easily cleaned using a garden hose and mild detergent. Where natural lawns are affected by the ammonia, found in urine, with distinct browning patches and bald spots. Artificial grass is completely unaffected, the only thing you need to be mindful of is the number of times it is used as a toilet area.

- No more mud with artificial grass

Make muddy footprints a thing of the past. The sublayer required to install artificial grass acts as a barrier for ground soil, making it impossible for muddy puddles to congregate on your lawn. It also stops our furry friends being able to dig mud holes and traipse this across the kitchen floor.

- No more grass stains

Manufactured from superior PP & PE fibers, artificial grass is fully synthetic which means no more grass-stained clothing to contend with.

- No allergies

Artificial grass is perfect for hay fever sufferers thanks to a zero pollen count. According to AvoGel.com grass pollen is arguably the biggest cause of seasonal allergies, affecting approximately 90% of hay fever sufferers.

- Multiple uses

Aside from the standard lawn replacement or yard, decking and terrace covering, artificial grass is perfect for enhancing areas such as dog runs, rooves and professional play areas. Creating a beautiful safe area to enjoy hobbies.

- Weather-proof

Quick-drying and weather-proof, artificial grass will not prevent sporting activity such as football, cricket or rugby. No more delays here!

What is the recommended grass pile height for Professional Players?

The best performing pile height for professional football is 40 mm ~ 60mm, with a shock pad or e-layer below the grass. A 40mm synthetic turf provides the best characteristics to match the feel and performance of a natural grass pitch. In order for a 40mm system to perform properly it must have a prefabricated shock pad or e-layer underneath the grass. Without a shock pad a 40mm synthetic grass product is not suitable for football. If there is no shock pad then the pile height of the turf has to be a minimum of 50mm.

-If the turf is used for contact sports, such as football and rugby, then you need to choose longer pile so that the fibre remains softness to touch, which enables players to slide into tackles without fear. 40~60mm pile height are recommended from FIFA Quality and Quality concept for football and for rugby approve by World Rugby 65mm pile height is recommended.

-If the turf is used for non-contact sports, such as golf and hockey, then shorter pile is recommended, which gives a true, fast and consistent ball roll.

-Leisure turf for residential landscaping or commercial decoration purposes, the pile height of 30~40mm is appropriate.