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Why should you Install Artificial Turf for your Playing Hockey Ground?

Artificial turf or grass is certainly an innovative surface which replicates the feel and looks of the natural grass perfectly. It is mainly made from synthetic fibers and also used in different sports such as football, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Needless to mention, artificial turf is easier to care for. So, when it comes to choosing Hockey grass, artificial turf is definitely everyone’s first choice.

Over the last few years, the use of synthetic or artificial turf fields has hit the roof across the globe. These days, such surfaces can be found at community centers, complexes, and schools. The artificial Grass for Hockey is made up of synthetic polyethylene fibers that replicate the look, as well as the feel of the natural grass. These fields are normally filled in with recycled car tires or crumb rubber – to enhance safety and durability by giving an additional cushion.

While synthetic Hockey grass has become a highly-debated topic, it offers some irrefutable advantages to players, maintenance staff, and facility owners alike.

Environmental and financial advantages

·         Lower maintenance charges: Synthetic turf doesn’t need pesky maintenance jobs such as aerating, fertilizing or mowing.

·         No watering needed: As artificial turf is not at all real natural grass, so it doesn’t require being watered. In case every grass sports field in the nation switched over to synthetic turf, then we will save a huge amount of water every year.

·         Profitable return on investments: Synthetic turf sports fields have a high initial cost that real grass fields; however, can easily pay for themselves in because of limited maintenance cost. 

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Athlete safety and health advantages

·         Pesticide-free: Unlike real grass, artificial or synthetic turf doesn’t need treatment with detrimental pesticides.

·         Fewer injuries: Needless to mention, a small rainstorm is enough that can turn a grass field into a dirty mud pit. And this uneven, slippery surface is not ideal to play games. Turf never gets torn up, implying no potholes.

·         Improved play ability: Natural fields can be used four or five times per week right before they start to deteriorate. On the other hand, artificial Hockey grass can be ideal for practicing or playing several times each day without breaking down.

Final words

We hope that we have convinced you of the benefits of artificial turf for your sports venue or for your private property in case you intend to improve whichever game you play. When it comes to sports, the advantages of artificial turf are endless. Well, it is an amazing way of being capable of playing sports and games all year round.

Latest generation artificial turf system special designed by ARSSPORT mix tuft method with monofileme. Contact us for the best price hockey grass or Grass for hockey ground to you.

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