• FBMF 15mm

Sand-filled ARS GRASS FBMF15 is suitable for tennis and hockey according to the filling volume or filling height in each case. Fine yet extremely strong filaments ensure a level of surface softness previously unheard of for texturised products. The grass filaments absorb most of the IR radiation which has a positive effect on reducing the surface temperature of the turf. However, FBMF15mm offers a closed turf surface while the high density of the filaments ensures the perfect impression of colour. The right product can be chosen from a wide range of colours depending on the intended use in each case.

Latest generaƨon artifical turf system specialy desgined by ARS SPOR mix tuft method with monofilement and fibrilated together.
The cutting edge bicolor monofilament and fibrilated helps to lmprove the resistance and optimize the performance of the system. lts
semi-concave monofilament structure and fibrilated storng flament with is Z tufting method make excellent resilience or dimensional
memory which imporves the technical and sports.


TDS Yarn Dtex: 8800 FB + 8000dtex MF 3 spine
Yarn Height: 15mm
Infill: Sand

FBMF 15mm

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