ARS SPOR SYSTEM VELODROME, included in the ARS SPOR OUTDOOR / INDOOR line, is a synthetic acrylic  4-coats system for sport floors, which is as well a surface protection system, especially for concrete.

ARS SPOR SYSTEM VELODROME combines two flexible bases and intermediate layers, a non-slip and wear-resist- ant top coat with an extra paint coat, which increases speed to the game. The whole system allows to obtain a performing rolling surface with a specific grip but as well more resistant to wear.


ARS PRIMER for Asphalt: 25 kg drums

ARS PRIMER for Concrete: 15 kg drums

ARS RESURFACER: 50 kg drums

ARS TOP COAT MIX: 75 kg drums

ARS TOP COAT MIX: 75 kg drums

ARS TOP COAT: 75 kg drums

ARS LINES: 20 kg drums

Conditions of carried out works must be in accordance  with standards and regulations in force for the sub-base preparation as well as for the application.

WORK: new or renovation

LOCATION: outdoor or indoor.

DESTINATION: cycling tracks, cycling paths, others. On well prepared sub-bases in accordance with the  Unified Technical Documents in force and/or other applicable


- concrete, asphalt amongst others

- old compatible coatings and perfectly adherent to the surface.

Note: The hot mix asphalts (as asphalt concrete layer) should not be confused with cold mix or poured asphalt,  which are not in the standard field of use, as well as the wood or metal specified in the above mentioned documents (consult us).


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