Groundstroke cushioned tennis court surfaces are regularly chosen for use at the world's most prestigious events. Our tennis surfaces have been selected for the two most recent Baku Olyimpc Complex, Baku Azerbaijan field approved 3 ITF MEDIUM CLASS CERTIFICATE and other uniqe project
around the world.

Groundstroke Court is an Acrylic Tennis and indoor or outdoor multi-purpose surface suitable for Professional Tennis Courts at tournament level (ITF Catagory 2 Medium SLOW)

TDS The System consists of twelve layers
1. Resurface :500 grm /m2
2. Second layer: Coarse Cushion 4 layer - 500grm/layer, total 2000 grm
3. Thirt layer: Fine Cushion: 4 layer fine cushion -700grm/ layer , total 2800 grm
4. Final layer Colour coat : 3 layer coated 1000grm/m2 (this surface mixing by sand , 30kg of sand in 100kg of Colour Coat)

Ground Stroke

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